Laser Treatment Testimonials

Lasers reduce pain, accelerate recovery, and promote the natural healing process. The treatment is pain-free and there is no need to use medications. Laser therapy is a non-invasive (non-surgical) treatment. We invite you to review some testimonials submitted by our patients who have undergone Laser Treatments.

  • Dr. Stewart told me everything would return to normal and he was right. I am completely back to normal and I can do everything I use to be able to do" — Danielle

    Posterior Tibial Tendinitis testimonial video
    He spent a lot of time with me, and the time that he spent was invaluable as he explained everything in great detail in terms that I was able to understand.” – Kelvin

    Metatarsalgia video
    Dr. Stewart makes an effort to understand his patients. His staff is very professional. I always had a pleasant experience." — Chris Rollin

  • I am writing this to share my recent positive experience with Dr. Jordan Stewart and the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. In late March 2018, I missed the last step on a flight of stairs

    and severely injured my ankle. This occurred over the weekend, and Dr. Stewart fit me into his busy schedule first thing on Monday morning to assess the injury.

    Dr. Stewart quickly diagnosed me with a severe ankle sprain and he started me on an immediate course of treatment including a series of ten laser treatments. When I saw Dr.

    Stewart the day after the injury, I could barely put any weight on the ankle, and the swelling was so severe that I could not wear a shoe. I started my laser treatments at my first visit and

    the results were nothing short of a miracle. Three and ½ weeks after my injury, I was able to get on a plane and enjoy a very active vacation that included hiking and other outdoor


    I attribute the excellent advice and care of Dr. Stewart and his staff, and especially the laser treatments, to my quick recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Stewart and the Timonium Foot and

    Ankle Center for any foot and/or ankle problems. The care is top notch.

    Cindy Wallace

    Cindy Wallace

    * Results may vary from person to person

    As someone who devotes them self to being fit and working out on a daily basis, I was in a panic when I injured my right ankle. I did not know how long I would be out of commission or what I would be able to do as far as exercise. Upon doing research on possible doctors to see about my issue, I came across Dr. Stewart’s practice and I was pleased with the reviews and I decided to make an appointment to see him.

    After a thorough exam, Dr. Stewart quickly identified that I had both Achilles tendinitis and plantar fascia. He understood my level of activity and put together a treatment plan that would give me the best chance of recovering as quickly as possible. He placed me a in a walking boot that I wore for six weeks and I used a splint that I slept in every night to stretch my foot and ankle. Dr. Stewart offers therapeutic laser to treat these conditions and I decided to pursue this treatment. I came back to his office three times a week for laser treatment. Thanks to the laser, I was able to recover more efficiently and effectively as most of the pain went away very quickly.

    Since undergoing treatment with Dr. Stewart, I have returned to and in some ways surpassed where I had been at prior to my injury. Thanks to the fantastic treatment that Dr. Stewart’s practice provided, I have been able to accept a position at Disney World where I will be working on my feet in a merchandising role.

    Thanks to Dr. Stewart and the staff at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center for all the help.

    Grant Overcashier

    Grant Overchashier

    * Results may vary from person to person

    I first visited Dr. Stewart with severe foot swelling and pain after rolling my right foot and ankle.  He diagnosed with a fractured fifth metatarsal and a sprained ankle. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Stewart and his aggressive conservative treatment plan to get me back to full speed as soon as possible.

    In addition to this recent injury, have had previous ankle injuries with soft tissue damage that needed to be treated. I was placed in a walking boot and compression stockings and I rested, iced, and elevated my foot. Dr. Stewart discussed adding therapeutic laser to my treatment as my goal was to get better as quickly as possible.  I had never heard of laser therapy, but quickly learned that it reduces pain and inflammation and it helps accelerate soft tissue healing. Dr. Stewart answered all my questions regarding the treatment, with no pressure to proceed. I was willing to do anything to heal quickly and decided to move forward with the treatment. 

    I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I was very diligent in doing the ten treatments as soon as possible. Laura was great and Dr. Stewart checked in on me at every laser appointment.  By the second treatment my swelling and pain were both significantly reduced.

    Three weeks later I was boot free and started physical therapy and my ankle is much stronger with no swelling and my broken bone was essentially pain free.

    I highly recommend Timonium Foot and Ankle and Dr Stewart.  His entire staff was very friendly and every appointment was timely.

    Amy Coakley

    Amy Coakley

    * Results may vary from person to person

    My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Stewart for years. I have always suffered from problems with flat left foot. I have a history of Rheumatoid Arthritis and this exacerbates my pain. I work a part-time job that requires me to stand on concrete floor anywhere from 4-6 hours at a time.

    In 2017, I started to develop pain over my posterior tibial tendon and this lead to jamming of my joints. Dr. Stewart treated me conservatively with steroid injections and a walking boot and my pain improved. For long term treatment, he made me a custom ankle brace to manage my condition. I was doing much better, but in January 2018, I developed sudden onset severe pain and swelling in my left foot and I could barely. I went back to wearing my boot full time, icing, resting, and elevating, but the pain was not improving with treatment and I could not function.

    Dr. Stewart and I started to discuss surgery as an option to treat my pain, but I really wanted to try to avoid that as the recovery would take a minimum of 6 months. Dr. Stewart uses a therapeutic laser in his office to treat tendinitis and he suggested that I consider this option to treat my condition. The laser was not covered by insurance and I had some reservation about paying for the service without knowing the outcomes. Given the choice of the laser versus a surgery with a long recovery, I decided to invest in the laser therapy. I followed all of Dr. Stewart’s instructions and after 10 treatments and within 3 weeks my pain was 99% gone. Dr. Stewart made it clear to me that I may always have some discomfort in this foot. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am now 4.5 months out of treatment and I am virtually pain free. I am back to work and continue to use my brace as instructed and I am back to living a normal life.

    For anyone suffering from similar conditions that can be treated with therapeutic lasers, I highly recommend this treatment. It was one of the best investments I have made for my health!

    Robert Stevenson

    Robert Stevenson

    * Results may vary from person to person

    Since the time of my first appointment at Timonium Foot and Ankle Center, I was immediately impressed. The staff was friendly and my appointment was right on time. Given the amount of physical activity I do, including high intensity interval training (HIIT), weight training, and running, it was no surprise that I have been back to see Dr. Stewart multiple times.

    Within the last two years I’ve sprained my ankle twice, twisted it once, and had a bad case of posterior tibial tendinitis. Dr. Stewart took the time to understand my needs and was clear that being inactive was not an option for me.

    My most recent condition was posterior tibial tendinitis on the right side. Dr. Stewart treated me with various forms of conservative care including bracing, rest, and orthotics. Unfortunately I had minimal improvement. Dr. Stewart suggested early on that I consider laser therapy. Laser treatments were presented as an option, and although I was both skeptical and hesitant at first, I could not be more thrilled with my results. After dealing with my tendinitis for 3 months with little improvement, I am happy to report with laser therapy my tendinitis resolved in four weeks and it is as though I was never injured at all.

    Ironically after my third laser treatment on my right foot, I severely sprained my right ankle. During the treatment sessions, Dr. Stewart’s assistant Laura treated my ankle sprain as well. When I sprained my left ankle a few years back I didn’t pursue laser and it took me 3 months to recover and I still get occasional pain. This time I had a more severe ankle sprain and tendinitis and within just 4 weeks after laser I am back to my normal self and I am pain free.

    I am not one for reviews, but if you are struggling with a foot or ankle injury, I HIGHLY recommend laser treatments if they are an option for your condition. Not only did it work for me, but Dr. Stewart’s staff makes the process enjoyable and seamless.

    Thank you to Dr. Stewart and his staff for helping me recover quickly!

    Morgan Cook

    Morgan Cook

    * Results may vary from person to person

    I am a senior at Hereford High School and a two-sport varsity athlete and participate in team sports class every other day in school.  In February 2018, while in my team sports class, I fell and landed on a classmate’s foot and I rolled my ankle. After the injury, I went to an orthopedist who diagnosed me with an ankle sprain and a small chip fracture and he told me to rest for two weeks and assured me that I would be back to sports in no time. I was put into a boot and wore it for the next two weeks that followed.  This is my senior year and my injury coincided with the beginning of baseball season and I was anxious to start playing.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t seeing the improvement that I was told by the orthopedist to expect and my family and I decided to get a second opinion from a foot and ankle specialist.  We decided to visit Dr. Stewart at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. At the first visit, Dr. Stewart carefully evaluated me and explained the condition and the expectations for recovery.  He informed me that I had a moderate to severe sprain and he made it very clear to me that there was a possibility that I could miss the entire baseball season as these injuries can take 8-12 weeks improve.  He also told me that if the condition did not improve with conservative care that I could require surgery. 

    Dr. Stewart provided a pro-active conservative treatment plan that he felt would improve my recovery and give me the best chance of returning to baseball this year. When I was wearing the walking boot, I felt extremely restricted and I did not feel like I was walking properly.  Dr. Stewart recommended placing me into an ankle brace to provide more flexibility in my ankle.  In addition to wearing the brace, Dr. Stewart recommended that I wear a compression stocking to reduce my pain and swelling.  After few days of wearing the stocking, my swelling significantly decreased.  He also suggested therapeutic laser as an additional form of treatment to help improve my recovery.  He did not apply any pressure or give any sort of sales pitch, rather he informed me that the laser treatment could help speed up the healing process.  Dr. Stewart indicated that a good number of his patients had a quicker recovery with laser, but he also made it very clear that there are no guarantees with any treatments and that this laser therapy is an adjunctive modality.

    After discussing the treatment options with my family, I decided to undergo laser treatment for my ankle sprain and the results were incredible.  After each session, my ankle was feeling better and I was able to move my ankle in ways that I was previously unable to.  At the first visit with Dr. Stewart I was told that the recovery could be 8-12 weeks, yet in 6 weeks under his care I am back to playing varsity baseball for my senior year without any restrictions.

    I can’t thank Dr. Stewart and his staff enough for the work that they have done to ensure I was able to go back to what I loved doing, playing baseball. I highly recommend Timonium Foot and Ankle Center to any person experiencing pain with their foot or ankle and thank them for the work they did on my ankle.

    Matthew Kells

    Matthew Kells

    * Results may vary from person to person

    I am a very active 40-something who participates in yoga, weight training/cardio, and tennis several times a week. I’ve struggled with plantar fasciitis in both feet for years, and Dr. Stewart has successfully treated me in the past with conservative care including orthotics. A couple months ago, while playing tennis, I felt a snap on the bottom of my right foot. My first phone call after coming off the court was to Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. The receptionist was very sympathetic to my situation and squeezed me in to see Dr. Stewart that afternoon. She could not have been more accommodating. 

    When I arrived at the office, I was almost immediately taken back into an exam room. Dr. Stewart came in and confirmed my suspicion, a torn plantar fascia. He advised me that I would need to be in a walking boot for a few weeks and suggested that I consider doing laser treatment as an adjunctive therapy to accelerate the healing process. Since I was supposed to be going on a ski trip in 2 weeks, I decided to give it a try. This entailed coming into the office almost daily and having Dr. Stewart’s assistant Laura, who was so sweet and kind, gently rub a warm laser all over the bottom of my foot for about 20 minutes. I believe I had 8 treatments before I left for my ski trip. Two weeks to the day of the tear, I was in my ski boots skiing down the mountain!! I wasn’t skiing aggressively or for long periods of time, but I was, however, skiing!! When I returned home, I finished my last 2 treatments and 2 weeks after that, I was back on the tennis court and have been doing great ever since. I know that without the laser therapy my foot wouldn’t have healed so quickly.


Thank you Dr. Stewart and to the entire office staff for all your help!

    M. Yospa

    * Results may vary from person to person

    I began seeing Dr. Stewart several years ago for various foot issues, but most recently for plantar fasciitis and tendinitis, both in my left foot. I had several treatments including steroid injections, orthotics and I wore a walking boot but still, I continued to have pain, so I decided to pursue laser treatment.

    Each treatment was about fifteen minutes long and was not painful at all. After just two or three treatments, I was feeling much better already. The pain was significantly reduced, and I felt that I had made the right decision to have the laser treatments. Since I completed all ten sessions, I am not feeling any pain whatsoever. I continue to wear the orthotics as much as possible.

    Dr. Stewart is extremely knowledgeable and takes significant time to discuss your prognosis and treatment options. He values the patient’s opinion when making the treatment plan. His office staff is always kind and personable and they worked hard to accommodate my schedule when making my appointments for the treatments. The office is very clean, which is always something I look for in a doctor’s office!

    Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Stewart, his staff, and his office for any podiatry needs.

    Stephanie Blockston

    * Results may vary from person to person