Results may vary from person to person

"This is the BEST place to get true care and GOOD medical attention for anyone with foot and/or ankle conditions.

Our oldest son had seen Dr. Jordan Stewart and staff a year or so ago for an ingrown toenail and we were pleased with the service at that time.

We were so impressed with Dr. Stewart that when I started having an issue in November of 2013, I made an appointment with him. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my left foot. What impressed me was that he did not stop there; he wanted to determine what had caused my left foot pain; as did I. He checked my right foot and ankle and discovered that the ligaments on the outside of the ankle destabilized causing left foot and ankle to overcompensate. In 2007 I fractured my right ankle and was operated on by another surgeon and at that time a plate and screws were used to fix my fracture. Unfortunately, I have lived with pain in my right ankle since the surgery and recovery in 2007.

Dr. Stewart started treating my conditions with conservative methods and my left foot improved, but my right ankle pain persisted. Dr. Stewart felt that surgery would be the best treatment for my right ankle. In February 2014, he performed surgery on my right ankle. He removed the plate and screws that were used in 2007 to repair my broken ankle. Additionally, he stabilized my ankle by removing and re-attaching the ligaments with a state of the art anchor. During the surgery he discovered that one of the screws in my ankle was causing damage to the tendon and he repaired the damaged tendon as well. Following surgery, I was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks and out of work until the beginning of May 2014. I started physical therapy towards the end of April 2014. Post-surgery, I was expecting to be in a lot of pain (based on my prior surgery in 2007); I was pleasantly surprised that the pain was minimal.

In addition to my surgery, Dr. Stewart made me custom foot orthotics for my shoes to help with support (I am extremely flat footed) and went above and beyond to find support braces that would work for me as I have a rare allergy to Neoprene causing the more common support braces to not be an option for me.

I have never had a doctor have so much concern and such a wonderful caring nature. He and his staff take the time to answer any questions and truly take time to give you their full attention. You don’t feel like just another patient or a number. Dr. Stewart and his staff make you feel almost like family.

Today, June 20, 2014, I had my last visit for a while. The ankle is stronger, more stable, and better than it was pre-surgery and it is 200% better than it was before the surgery in 2007. I still will continue to strengthen and exercise it as normal going forward and I know it will continue to improve, even though I am almost fully recovered.

I cannot begin to say thank-you enough to Dr. Stewart and his wonderful staff for all that they did and for being such great care givers. I only wish that I had known of Dr. Stewart in 2007 when I broke my ankle; I know I would not have had the issues that I have had if he had been the one that performed my initial surgery. I consider myself very lucky that I found Dr. Stewart. I will never go to anyone else for foot and ankle issues. I say a HUGE THANK-YOU to Dr. Stewart and staff---You are absolutely the BEST!!!!"

Janet Bradley

*Results may vary from person to person.

"My son Matthew is 16 years old. He was born with bilateral clubfoot and starting from infancy had many treatments including serial casting and a heel cord release. His left foot responded well to these treatments, but the right foot was still significantly impaired.

When he was 9 years old, an orthopedic surgeon did further surgery to improve the position of the bones in Matthew’s right foot. This was initially successful, but as Matthew entered his teenage years and grew rapidly in height, his Achilles tendon became very tight; his gait became awkward to the point that his right heel did not strike the ground, and his ankle rolled significantly placing him at risk for injury.

I initially took Matthew to Dr. Stewart for treatment of an ingrown toenail and while we were at the office I asked Dr. Stewart to evaluate the right foot and ankle. Dr. Stewart really took his time to do a thorough evaluation and explain in detail the different options for treatment including both conservative and surgical care.

After carefully considering all of our options, we decided to pursue surgery and this was performed in June 2014. During the surgery, Dr. Stewart performed an open lengthening of the Achilles tendon with a graft and he reconstructed and repaired the ankle ligament with a graft and anchors to prevent it from rolling. He also released the plantar fascia and removed a large bone spur.

Throughout the whole process Dr. Stewart was extremely helpful and professional. He truly helped us understand the mechanics of the foot and ankle. He encouraged Matthew to ask lots of questions, and he never made us feel rushed. He was very caring and supportive through the entire process.

Matthew is now 4 months out from surgery. He has completed physical therapy and is walking better than he ever has in his entire life. In fact, he walked 2 miles with the school marching band and had no pain or limitations. His gait is greatly improved, his heel strikes the ground, and the rolling motion in his ankle has been eliminated.

I believe this surgery was a life-changing improvement for him, and we are very grateful to Dr. Stewart! I would recommend him highly!"


Elizabeth Molino

*Results may vary from person to person.

"As a physician, I am very discerning when it comes to choosing doctors for my healthcare. For example, it took me over a year to find a primary care physician who I was happy with.

I just wanted to take a little time to share my experience with Dr. Stewart at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center.

I was suffering from neuropathic symptoms in my foot and saw a neurologist and an orthopedist who both mistakenly thought my symptoms were related to residual nerve damage from a prior back surgery.

Unsatisfied with those assessments, I saw Dr. Stewart who was able to make the correct diagnosis in a few minutes after performing a thorough physical examination of my foot and ankle.

The correct diagnosis was actually tarsal tunnel syndrome caused by posterior tibial tendinitis. Dr. Stewart's approach to the treatment plan was carefully considered and not unnecessarily aggressive, showing good judgment.

Thanks to Dr. Stewart, I'm doing much better now and can without reservation highly recommend him."

Charles Cooper, M.D.

*Results may vary from person to person.

“On June 25, 2011 we will be celebrating an anniversary... I have been able to keep my foot attached for one more year! I remember the look on your face when you came to the examining room in your office and you said "I am not sure I can save that foot!" I knew you weren't kidding and I knew it would be hard work. Truthfully I did not expect that most of my foot tissue would be gone, but I was very happy to see toes when I woke up.

For the next 50 weeks you listened to me whine and complain about all of the treatments including the casting, skin grafts, debridements , and dressings. I knew you knew what you were doing, but I complained anyway.

In the week since my last appointment with you, I have had a lot of time to think. I learned a valuable lesson. I have learned not to take anything for granted. I have a new insight into the life of being a disabled person who is confined to a wheelchair. I know what it is like to have my activities restricted by my medical condition. Most especially, I learned that if you had not been my doctor in the operating room my foot and lower leg would most likely have been amputated. Thank you for taking the time to save it.

In the 33 years I was in education, I found that teaching (let alone being a principal) could be a thankless profession. Parents complained on a regular basis, but never bothered to say thank you when their child succeeded. Children didn't appreciate their education until they were grown so they often didn't say thank you either. I guess that medicine is like that... big on complaints and not so big on thanks. My mother (who said never to pick scabs) also taught me to say "thank you."

So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work to save my foot. You told me about your heart surgery once and I cannot help but believe that God knew you would be a great doctor with a great mind and great skills. He blessed me because you used those skills on me.

Thank you for taking care of me and for healing me. May God, the greatest healer of all, continue to bless your hands and guide you as you heal others.”

Dorothy Williams

*Results may vary from person to person.

"My name is Caroline and I recently had surgery on my left foot Tailor’s bunion by Dr. Stewart.

I play sports year round including soccer and lacrosse. I became a patient of Dr. Stewart when I had several ankle sprains. I also developed a Tailor's bunion on my left foot that became unbearably painful. Despite the pain, I kept playing sports and as a result of the compensation I developed a stress fracture and this was also very painful. After one of my games I came off of the field in tears because my foot was throbbing.

We went in to see Dr. Stewart the next day and decided we were going to do surgery to correct my Tailor's bunion. I needed the surgery to happen right away if I wanted to play soccer for my school team. He was able to find a surgery date only four days away due to a cancellation…

Dr. Stewart cut my bone and put a screw it to hold it in place. The surgery went very well and I followed all of the directions he gave me. At each checkup he would say, “It looks perfect!” I knew that if I didn't follow his directions then I would not have been ready for soccer tryouts.

I am very thankful for Dr. Stewart’s help and I currently play on the Notre Dame Prep (NDP) JV soccer team - pain free! Dr. Stewart has always been extremely accommodating as well as easy to talk to. He clearly understood my concerns with sports and missing time from my teams. I would highly recommend him."


*Results may vary from person to person.

"I spent years in some pretty major pain in my ankle. I'm not a doctor, but I was 90% sure that I had a bone spur on the back of my right heel. Being stubborn when it comes to doctors, I dealt with it for probably 2 years hoping that the problem would take care of itself.

It didn't and actually got worse over time. I spent all of this time limping and turning my right foot outward to avoid having to bend my ankle in the normal way to avoid the pain. I slowly developed pain in my hip joint that I later found out from Dr. Stewart was pain being caused from compensating for the heel pain and this made total sense to me.

The pain in my heel was a terrible stabbing and burning pain as the bone spur was cutting into my Achilles tendon with every step.

I had finally had enough. It was time to look for a doctor. I had been seeing the television commercials for the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. I was impressed with the commercials and seeing what seemed to me to be state of the art equipment. I saw that Dr. Stewart was a young doctor and my thinking was that he had to be educated in the most modern treatments.

My decision was made and it was the right decision.

Dr. Stewart and his staff were very professional and very friendly. I was happy right from the start. After x-rays and examination, my own diagnosis was right. I had a huge bone spur and severe Achilles tendinitis.

Dr. Stewart mentioned that surgery could be required if all measures failed, but he did not jump to that treatment and made it clear to me that surgery was the last option.

He decided to immobilize my ankle with a boot. He wanted to see if this would stop the inflammation. I tried this for about 1 month and it didn't make the pain better. He made the decision that surgery was the only choice and I was in agreement.

Then something happened that I never expected. Knowing that I smoked, Dr. Stewart told me that he was always concerned about performing surgery on smokers. He explained that smoking impedes the healing process in a big way.

Especially the area of the Achilles tendon due to the limited blood flow in this area which smoking makes worse. He told me that I would have to stop smoking for at last 6 months before he would even consider operating on me.

He told me to think about it and let him know what I decided. I thought about this for a while. I had many other reasons to quit smoking and on August 14th, 2013 at 9:00am, after 35 years of smoking, I made the decision and snuffed out my last cigarette.

About 6 months later I decided it was time to have the surgery. When I saw Dr. Stewart to tell him my decision, I told him that I had quit smoking 6months ago. His face lit up lit up and I received a big high 5. He was genuinely happy.

I scheduled my surgery and it went very very well. He removed my bone spur, repaired my diseased Achilles tendon, and he released the tight muscle in my calf. He told my wife it was the largest bone spur he'd ever seen in that area. He told me to expect to be on disability for 3 to 6 months.

Of course there was some pain after surgery, but not nearly as bad as I expected. The pain diminished greatly after only a few days and with the exception of having to be in a cast and non-weight bearing for almost 2 months, I was very comfortable from that point forward.

It was only 3 1/2 months and I was back to work. Dr. Stewart was quick to say that quitting smoking was a big reason for my rapid healing time. He was quite happy and so was I.

With all of my appointments, Dr. Stewart and I got to know each other quite well. He is not only very professional, but very friendly. He relieved me of the pain I had dealt with for years and he without a doubt helped me with my decision to quit smoking and I'm happy to say that I just passed my one year anniversary. I'm still smoke free.

I would absolutely recommend Timonium Foot and Ankle, Dr. Stewart and his staff to anyone. I want to give them all a HUGE Thank You !!!"

Ray Rood

*Results may vary from person to person.

"2014 was the ‘year of the foot’ for our family, and not in a good way. It all started when I injured my foot while on a weekend getaway with my husband.

I twisted my foot and ankle and there was immediately lots of swelling. I thought that it was just a sprain and that it would heal on its own, so I did not seek medical attention for several days.

When I called Dr. Stewart’s office and described my injury, I got an appointment that same day and it was a good thing that I did.

Dr. Stewart’s exam and x-ray revealed that I had broken my 5th metatarsal bone in several places. The bones were broken in such a way that surgery was required for proper repair.

Dr. Stewart explained that the surgery would be challenging as my bone was in 3 pieces and somewhat soft, but I felt that I was in capable hands.

Dr. Stewart was able to put the bones back together with a plate and 5 screws. The surgery went very well and after six weeks my bone healed fully, and I was able to get the cast removed and at this point in time I am doing very well.

Several months after my recovery, my 20-year-old son stepped on a piece of glass and ended up with a very deep puncture wound on the bottom of his foot. We took him to see the family doctor who recommended that he see a specialist.

I immediately called Dr. Stewart’s office and was able to get him an appointment right away. Dr. Stewart informed us that the puncture was so deep that it actually cut the plantar fascia, but he felt that my son would be fine with the appropriate wound care and offloading.

I felt such relief after Dr. Stewart examined my son’s foot and gave us his diagnosis because I knew he was in good hands and trusted his expertise. My son followed all of Dr. Stewart’s instructions. After the wound was clean, Dr. Stewart closed the wound and my son’s foot has healed and he has had no further issues.

We have both been very pleased with Dr. Stewart’s care and have recommended him to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone that needs a foot or ankle specialist.

Recently, a friend of mine decided to get a third opinion about some foot pain that she has been dealing with for several months and I recommended that she see Dr. Stewart. After only one visit, she is happy that she did.

Thanks so much for your help Dr. Stewart."

Lisa Jones

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I am a very active individual and exercise is a big part of my life. During my senior year of high school I twisted my right ankle in dance class. Prior to this injury, I had ankle injuries that lead to pain and weakness with physical activity and the injury resolved, but this time was different. My ankle felt weak I couldn’t exercise or dance without pain. I decided to go to the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center for a visit with Dr. Jordan Stewart.

My first visit with Dr. Stewart was great. I described my condition including my level of pain and my symptoms of weakness and swelling. Dr. Stewart took x-rays and the bones were in good shape. My exam revealed a bad ankle sprain, tightness to my calf muscle, and a peroneal tendon injury. Dr. Stewart told me that he would treat me non-surgically, but warned me that if I didn’t get better that surgery could be required. The conservative care included rest, ice, a compression stocking, a rigid brace, and a night splint. Unfortunately I was not getting any better and Dr. Stewart placed me into a boot and he sent me for an MRI. Dr. Stewart was very helpful in explaining that “MRI’s should be taken with a grain of salt” and they are a tool to assist when performing a physical exam. The MRI showed that I had a peroneal tendon tear and my ankle ligament appeared to be in good shape. Dr. Stewart told me that my exam revealed instability and damage to my ankle ligament despite the MRI being read as normal. He explained everything in a way that made sense to a non-medical person.

When I was wearing the walking boot, I felt much better, but when I went without the boot my pain would return. As I stated above, Dr. Stewart had previously informed me that surgery was an option for treatment. The only conservative options remaining were physical therapy and therapeutic laser treatments. I decided to forgo the conservative options and pursue surgery. A few weeks prior surgery, Dr. Stewart met with my parents and me and explained the surgery in detail as well as the recovery period. He informed us that the exact procedures would be determined in the operating room after he opens the ankle up and evaluates the extent of the injury.

The surgery was performed on May 28, 2015. While in the operating room, Dr. Stewart noted that my ankle ligament was in very bad shape and the tendon itself had very minor damage, despite the MRI that suggesting otherwise. This was consistent with what he told me in the office and it was a testament to his experience and clinical skills. While in the operating room, Dr. Stewart performed a Modified Bromstrom procedure to repair my overstretched ankle ligament, he fixed the injured tendon, and he released the tension in my calf by performing a gastrocnemius recession. With the help of Dr. Stewart and his team at the Timonium Surgical Center, the surgery went smooth and without complications. The day after my surgery, Dr. Stewart called me to check in and see how I was feeling and I really appreciated this.

I am currently a little more than 4 months out of surgery and 2 months into physical therapy. I am able to walk without pain. After surgery and physical therapy, my ankle feels nearly 100% better then it did before surgery. I have been given the clearance to return to hip-hop dancing and I am very excited.

Dr. Stewart is a very welcoming doctor and listens to every concern a patient may have. He is very informative when describing the diagnosis, the treatment options and in my case the surgical procedures and recovery periods. He explains everything in detail so there are no surprises. He takes his time with patients and gives his best advice and honest opinion. With no doubt, I highly recommend Dr. Stewart for those with foot and/or ankle problems. My family and I are very thankful to have found Dr. Stewart."

Elaine Klosteridis

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I suffered from a painful bunion deformity for at least five years. I began seeing Dr. Stewart and he recommended that we pursue conservative treatment and this included a change of my shoes, ice, ibuprofen, and custom foot orthotics.

My pain continued and I decided to undergo bunion surgery by Dr. Stewart. My bunion was so large that Dr. Stewart had to use plates and screws and I had to stay off of my foot for a total of six weeks. He guided me through my recovery and I'm happy to say that I am 100% pain-free.

In addition to being happy with my results, I have to say that Dr. Stewart is a friendly and personable guy who cares about me as a person. He is not one of those doctors that get you in and out of his office and I never felt as though as I was treated as a number.

I have been very happy with him and have referred several of my friends and family to see him."

Michael Thompson

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 28 years ago. Because of the Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have issues with my feet.

With the new biologic medicines I have been able to regain an active lifestyle. My exercise of choice is cycling. The issues with my feet were very painful and was affecting my cycling. I decided to have a very large bunion removed this past January.

I was nervous about the surgery because I had developed an infection after thumb surgery several years ago and had to be hospitalized. I discussed my concerns with Dr. Stewart. I was pleased to find out that Dr. Stewart contacted my rheumatologist and the two of them worked together to manage my medicines, so I could have a safe and speedy recovery.

I listened to Dr. Stewart and took my recovery at a slow pace. He would gradually allow me to add on to my activities. Exactly 4 months, after my surgery, I completed a 100 mile bicycle ride....PAIN FREE!

Dr. Stewart and his staff are the best!!!!"

Eley Welkner

*Results may vary from person to person.

"For at least 3 years I was battling chronic plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome. A school friend and Podiatrist, Dr. Lynda McGinnis, was treating me during that time. We reached a crossroad in our treatment plan as in the summer of 2013 noninvasive treatments were no longer working and walking correctly was becoming very difficult.

In September, 2013, I saw Doc’s commercial and reviewed his website references. I decided to get an opinion from him. From the moment I met Doc, I felt comfortable that I would be in capable hands.

Doc is very knowledgeable, a good communicator and one heck of a surgeon. Dr. McGinnis confirmed with her circle of medical professionals that Doc Stewart is widely known for his surgery skills and knowledge.

In addition to the plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel, I had a chronic left ankle sprain and was constantly rolling the ankle with walking. I also had a bunion that was making wearing shoes quite uncomfortable.

By this time, my pain was to the point where I could barely walk on my left foot for no more than 3 hours per day.

Although the MRI of my ankle was questionable for a tear, Dr. Stewart informed me that the physical exam and symptoms were very consistent with a tear. I trusted him enough to continue with the surgery to fix the torn ligament on the outside of my left ankle and to address the other issues as well.

Sure enough, when he did the surgery, the ankle ligament had a big tear down the middle and had been slowly rupturing which was causing my disability over time.

We scheduled surgery for Dec 5th, 2014. I had 4 procedures on my left foot and ankle including:

1. Repair of the torn lateral ankle ligament with an internal brace
2. Release the Tarsal Tunnel ligament
3. Release the Planar Fascia at the heel
4. Bunionectomy to remove the prominent bone spur on the inside of my foot

My recovery included 2 months of non-weight bearing and aside from a minor skin infection that resolved without issue, I healed well.

My recovery was going well and a little more than 10 weeks out of surgery I was starting to bear weight with a crutch.

In the middle of the night, I heard a family member call out in distress. I forgot that I was on crutches and proceeded to RUN to her aid. I only took one step on my foot and then I was hopping!

The resulting injury was diagnosed as a bad sprain and thankfully the surgery was not compromised and the repair of my ankle held together despite the injury. I was significantly swollen and iced in a bucket for a week and swelling decreased rapidly and I was able to continue my Physical Therapy with Pivot Physical Therapy for about 4-5 months.

It has now been 9 months since my surgery. Both Doc and I agree that it will be a year before I am “normal” again. I am making good progress and have started back to the gym doing biking spin classes, elliptical and yoga exercising.

I can’t thank Doc enough for taking good care of me. As his peers stated, he is a very precise surgeon whose work is exemplary."

Pat Hargest

*Results may vary from person to person.

"Almost 5 years ago, I fell while going down my stairs and was taken to the emergency room and diagnosed with a severe ankle sprain. An x-ray was taken and I did not have a broken bone. I was sent home with barely any instructions and did not know how to take care of my condition. After a few days of continued pain I knew something was not right. Since my place of employment is next to the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center, I figured it will be convenient to just go there and have my ankle evaluated. What a great decision!

At my first visit, Dr. Stewart performed a very thorough evaluation and informed me that I had a partial tear of the ligaments of my ankle. I was given a walking boot and this was such a relief for my painful ankle. Dr. Stewart instructed me to ice and elevate my ankle and also provided me with home exercises and after following all of his instructions I was as good as new within about 4-6 weeks. Since my experience, both of my children, my husband, and a lot of my friends have all been treated by Dr. Stewart and his staff, all with successful outcomes.

More recently I started to have pain in my right foot from a bunion deformity that had not bothered me for about 17 years. Dr. Stewart evaluated my foot and we reviewed my x-rays. He explained all of my treatment options including both nonsurgical and surgical care. He only recommended that I pursue surgery when I get to the point that I cannot tolerate the pain on a daily basis. In regards to surgery, he was very honest about what would be involved before, during, and after surgery. Dr. Stewart knows that I am somewhat impatient and made it very clear to me that I had to follow all of the postoperative instructions and if I could not commit to the down time then he recommended that I should not pursue the surgery.

As a result of the discussion, I decided to put surgery off for a bit, yet over the next 6 months my pain worsened and I was getting random lightning bolts shooting through my foot and I was unable to wear certain shoes that were otherwise very comfortable. Dr. Stewart provided me with a steroid injection and informed me that this would only provide temporary relief, which it did. When the steroid wore off I could no longer tolerate the pain and I decided to pursue the recommended bunionectomy with osteotomy and screw fixation.

The staff at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center couldn’t have been more helpful, patient, accommodating and just overall professional. Dr. Stewart goes above and beyond in his care. I was totally prepared for surgery and the recovery as every detail was covered.

My surgery was performed at the Timonium Surgical Center and the staff there was also very impressive. Everyone worked so well together and made me feel comfortable from beginning to end. The team that worked in the operating room with Dr. Stewart was like a well-oiled machine.

Three days after the surgery on a Sunday I was very concerned with the swelling in my foot and I called Dr. Stewart. Dr. Stewart was so attentive to my concerns that he actually came into the office on a Sunday just to be sure nothing serious was going on and this put me at ease. It turned out that this was normal post-operative swelling. As difficult as it was to be off of my feet and follow the instructions, I did everything that Dr. Stewart instructed me to do and I am so glad that I listened. I didn’t ever think my foot would feel so good, but it is so much better than it was prior to my surgery as my pain is gone and I can wear shoes without experiencing lightning bolts in my foot.

I can’t thank Dr. Stewart and his staff at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center enough for taking care of me. I highly recommend the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center to anyone who has foot and/or ankle issues. My family and I are so grateful to Dr. Stewart for helping us all out.

Thank you."

Amy Schuele

*Results may vary from person to person.

After numerous years of extended foot pain and numbness I was fortunate enough to visit Timonium Foot and Ankle and Dr. Stewart. My experience begins with my son, age 23, who had an ingrown toenail and needed to see a foot doctor. Since we live in Lutherville and I had not been pleased with 2 other foot doctors I had seen since my last "great" foot doctor retired, I suggested he try Timonium Foot and Ankle since it was close and I had seen Dr. Stewart's commercials on TV.

Well my son was thrilled that he could fill out all his paperwork online and knew from the website the co-pays he would need. He went to his appointment and was so impressed and pleased with the attention and treatment he received he suggested I give it a try.

I had seen two other doctors over the past 3 years trying to get relief from neuropathy in both feet that is not attributed to any know cause, also a severe hammertoe and bunion and not to mention my big toe was making a left turn.

Dr. Stewart and his staff have been phenomenal. To start with, Dr. Stewart, following his exam, suggested that we try the drug Lyrica, because many people do get relief from neuropathy when using it. I was amazed at the difference after 2 days. If you know anyone who has foot neuropathy they will attest to the pain, burning and inability to keep your feet still especially as you are trying to go to sleep.

After improving the 1st problem I asked if there was anything we could do for the hammertoe, bunion and big toe short of major surgery requiring general anesthesia, which another foot doctor had recommended as the only solution and my heart doctor would not allow general anesthesia.

Dr. Stewart said he could absolutely do it, if my heart doctor approved, under a twilight anesthesia and that my recovery would be 2-3 months. He told me that I would be walking out of the surgery center in a special shoe with crutches. Dr Stewart cleared the surgery with my cardiologist and it was scheduled.

Before surgery he had my husband and I come in for an extended appointment so that he could explain the procedure and the post surgery care to both of us. He gave us the Rxs for pain and antibiotics so that we would have everything we needed when we got home from the surgery.

Well my 3 months are complete and I am ecstatic with my results and Timonium Foot and Ankle. Not only is Dr. Stewart a skilled surgeon, his is also a wound care specialist and a truly caring and compassionate doctor. His staff is helpful, polite and extremely competent. From my first experience on the website through my numerous visits and surgery I have been completely satisfied and impressed and would recommend this practice to anyone in need of foot and/or ankle care.

Kris Caldwell

*Results may vary from person to person.

After I was diagnosed in 2009 with plantar fasciitis and peroneal tendinitis and receiving treatment that was ineffective, I began to think that foot and ankle pain was something I would just have to endure for the rest of my life.

At 28, the pain in my foot became unbearable and frequently kept me awake at night. As an avid lover of the outdoors, I began to give up the hobbies that I had previously enjoyed such as hiking, jogging, and scuba diving.

I found Dr. Stewart’s website and noticed that he had extensive experience treating the conditions that I was suffering from. It was very important to me to find a podiatrist that listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions.

It was apparent to me that Dr. Stewart genuinely cared about my recovery and I was not just another number. On my first visit, Dr. Stewart reassured me that there were treatment options available that could improve my quality of life.

It was determined that I needed surgery. He was very honest, thorough, and explained the recovery process in great detail so I knew exactly what to expect. I greatly appreciated that he took the time to do so because it alleviated so much of the apprehension I had. Dr. Stewart repaired my peroneal tendon and decompressed the sural nerve. I have followed all of his recommendations and now I am pain free!

I highly recommend anyone who is living with foot and/or ankle pain to see Dr. Stewart.

Amber Pruitt

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I have always had problems with my feet and at the young age of 18 I underwent bunion surgery on both feet at the same time. My experience was miserable due to the intense pain I had after the surgery. I had a bad experience with my surgeon, as the aftercare provided wasn’t what I expected.

Over the next 40 years, the bunion in my right foot redeveloped and was the source of pain and discomfort. I work as a hair stylist and wearing shoes and standing was becoming very difficult. I was in search of a foot and ankle specialist and was referred to Dr. Stewart through a positive word of mouth reference. I dreaded the idea of undergoing additional surgery due to my experience as a teen, but I could not continue to live with the pain and I knew that something had to be done to fix my foot.

My experience with Dr. Stewart and the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center was excellent. From day one, Dr. Stewart explained everything to me in great detail and told me exactly what to expect. He provided me with a personalized treatment plan and instructions for my surgical after care and this provided me the guidance I needed. Dr. Stewart initially recommended a surgery that he felt would correct my bunion, but the recovery was very long and I was very concerned with experiencing pain after surgery and did not want to undergo a very invasive procedure. Dr. Stewart gave me the option of a less invasive procedure with a much lower success rate and he warned me that I might require additional surgery. I opted for the less invasive route, and as Dr. Stewart warned me, I did continue to have pain.

Dr. Stewart was very concerned that I continued to have pain and he assured me he would do whatever he needed to take away my pain. I am very confident in Dr. Stewart as he always guided me in the right direction and assured me that he would develop a plan to help me on my road to recovery. I decided to move forward with his initial surgical recommendation and this time he cut my bones to realign them using plates and screws and he fused my big toe joint. Throughout my recovery, Dr. Stewart and his staff always made sure I was comfortable and adjusting well. Dr. Stewart and his staff were exceptional. I was seen every week until I was healed and his office staff periodically called just to check in to see how I was doing. Everyone at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center went above and beyond to accommodate me and make sure that my experience was nothing but the best and my recovery was 100%. It was a long road, but I can say for the first time in over 40 years I am pain free."

Debra Bare

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I started having pain and swelling in my left foot and ankle towards the end of 2010 for reasons unknown. I started seeing an orthopedic surgeon for the issue and went through boots, shots, physical therapy, medication, etc. without ever knowing what was causing the pain. The doctor was at a loss as to what could be wrong. Although I was in pain, I got tired of all the different treatments not working and I took a break from the doctor and hoped my foot would heal on its own. I was not thinking that it could possibly be anything very serious.

My pain grew worse and my primary physician referred me to Dr. Stewart. I am so thankful that I saw him when I did because within minutes he saw where the problem was coming from. He took an x-ray and confirmed that I had a broken bone in my ankle. He also sent me for an MRI and discovered that I also had a split in my peroneal tendon. After diagnosing my problems, we decided that surgery would be best. Dr. Stewart performed surgery and found that the damage to my tendon was extensive. He did a wonderful job repairing everything and the surgery was a success.

I had a difficult time healing because of swelling and in fact I had a similar problem when I had surgery on my knee on the same side. Dr. Stewart referred me to a vascular surgeon who discovered that I had lymphedema and this required treatment to help my ankle heal. Through it all, Dr. Stewart worked closely with me, the physical therapist, and the vascular surgeon to ensure that I recovered well.

I can't say enough about how wonderful Dr. Stewart and his staff have been through all of this. Dr. Stewart has taken his time and has genuine concern, which I can't say for the original doctor that I saw. He has been honest with me from the beginning as to what I can expect and what options I have. While in physical therapy, I've heard several other patients come in expressing the same thing about how their original doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong and Dr. Stewart knew right away. He is truly good doctor. Thank you Dr. Stewart!"

Rachel Bauerle

*Results may vary from person to person.

“My daughter is a year-round athlete playing both indoor and outdoor lacrosse and she is also a swimmer. She was having pain in her right Achilles tendon and along her ankle for six months and I took her to an orthopedist.

When we went to the orthopedist, we were told to take an anti-inflammatory medicine, but given no other guidance or treatment recommendations. My daughter was not getting any better.

I had seen a commercial for the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. I never thought to take my daughter to a podiatrist for this condition, but I figured this is a foot and ankle center so they must treat the condition.

At my 1st visit, I was provided much more information regarding my daughter's condition as compared to my experience with the orthopedist.
Dr. Stewart diagnosed my daughter with Achilles tendinitis and posterior tibial tendinitis. He immediately treated her with bracing, splinting, and sent her for physical therapy.

From the start, a treatment plan and goals were clear and this made both me and my daughter very happy. I learned a lot about what a podiatrists does through this experience and anyone that I know with a foot and/or ankle problem I refer to Dr. Stewart.”

Heidi Hess

*Results may vary from person to person.

"Dear Dr. Stewart and the staff at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center:

Just a note of thanks for the attention and care I've received from you and your staff.

I was diagnosed in your office with hallux limitus/arthritis in my right big toe. I particularly had pain going down stairs and with driving. I realized I was altering my gait in response to the pain.

After meeting with you and trying conservative measures like orthotics and cortisone shots, I opted for surgery.

The procedure was scheduled within a reasonable time frame and I was fully prepared with my post-operative aids as well as expectations.

Surgery was successful. I was back in a sneaker at 6 weeks and 100% pain free!

Your staff has been very congenial with each phone call and visit. I am grateful to all of you for your proficiency."

Sharon Peterson

*Results may vary from person to person.

"My entire life I have dealt with extremely flat feet. When I was younger my parents took me to a foot doctor and he gave me inserts for my shoes; however being a child I didn't use them. As I got older and my feet started hurting more I just used Dr. Scholls insoles to help with the pain.

In my line of work, I am on my feet all day. When I started working, it bothered me here and there, but not to the point of extreme discomfort. Over the years I developed wear and tear on my feet to the point that it was difficult to walk around the house after a day of work.

A little over a year ago the pain was so unbearable in my left foot that I started limping constantly. The pain was so bad that it even made walking to the kitchen or the bathroom more difficult than usual. I eventually took advice from my family and sought out help from Dr. Stewart about the pain I had been having in my foot.

After one visit he was able to diagnose the problem. He told me that I had a severe flatfoot deformity and a tight Achilles tendon. He thought that I may need to have flatfoot reconstructive surgery if my pain did not improve with conservative treatment. Of course before we actually decided on the surgery, we exhausted all other treatment options. This included orthotics, physical therapy, different foot braces, new supportive sneakers, and shots in my feet.

After three months of treating my painful flatfoot, my pain was not improving. I discussed surgery with Dr. Stewart and my physical therapist and with the pain I continued to have in my foot, I really had no other option. The only thing that made me nervous was that this was my first surgery ever; major or otherwise.

However, with the confidence Dr. Stewart had in his work I knew this was the best option for me. It was a "no brainer." We had to do it. Dr. Stewart answered every question that me and my family had. He took the time to explain the operation, the recovery, and the physical rehabilitation that I would be going through. Dr. Stewart guided me through the whole process.

After the surgery. I won't lie, it was painful, but it wasn't nearly as painful as the pain I had before the surgery on a daily basis. At every appointment, Dr. Stewart examined my foot and told me exactly what he was seeing and what to expect. Luckily everything went smoothly during my recovery and physical therapy.

It has been four months my surgery and I still have awhile to go until I am fully recovered, but I am able to walk and do my normal routine without pain and that was the goal from the beginning.

Thank you very much Dr. Stewart"

Chris Schrader

*Results may vary from person to person.

“In December 2009, I fell while ice-skating and I injured my right foot and ankle. I was treated by two separate primary care doctors with oral steroids, a walking boot, and physical therapy for a total of three months.

There was some improvement, yet I continued to have pain. I eventually saw an orthopedist who sent me for an MRI and said that there was a tear in one of my tendons. I didn't have pain over the tendon that was torn so I decided to get another opinion.

I had seen Dr. Stewart's ad on television and decided to call him for an evaluation. At my 1st visit, Dr. Stewart spent a long time with me and he was the 1st doctor to actually give me a diagnosis. He diagnosed me with posterior tibial tendinitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.

He treated me with a variety of splinting, ankle braces, steroid injections, custom orthotics, and physical therapy. He treated me aggressively and gave me a timeline of what to expect. The timeline gave me realistic expectations and goals.

I am happy to say that I am pain free for the 1st time in almost 2 years. I am so happy I found the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to see Dr. Stewart.”

Sharon Fidler

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I recently had multiple surgical procedures by Dr. Jordan Stewart of the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center.

My bunion and 2nd digit hammertoe on my right foot has plagued me for years and the pain has grown worse over time. I knew that it was time to do something surgical to relieve my pain.

I had seen to two previous Podiatrists who both recommended surgery, but for a variety of reasons, I did not feel comfortable with either one of these doctors. When I first met Dr. Stewart and his team, I quickly realized that it was time to stop procrastinating and finally get my foot pain taken care of once and for all.

This was the first surgery I ever had in my life and as a result I was very nervous and hesitant to even schedule the surgery. I probably drove Dr. Stewart and his team crazy for a while before finally scheduling my surgery.

The day of my surgery, September 12, 2013, came and I was so nervous that I joked with my wife about going to lunch instead, but I ultimately reported to the Timonium Surgery Center for my procedures. During the several hour procedures, Dr. Stewart performed an opening wedge osteotomy with a plate and screws to my 1st metatarsal, a bunionectomy, a fusion of my 2nd toe, an osteotomy with screw to my 2nd metatarsal, and a gastrocnemius recession to release the tight muscle in my calf. Everything in the surgery went smooth and I then started the recovery process.

Dr. Stewart warned me that recovery would be lengthy and managing the pain and swelling and getting healed properly were the top priorities. After a short period of time, my pain was under good control and I remained non-weightbearing for 8-weeks while my bones healed.

By mid-November, I started physical therapy and began walking and driving. After a small additional surgery in mid-December to remove a screw and remove some scar tissue that I developed, I was feeling ready to return to work in a limited fashion. Dr. Stewart was very in tune with the relationship between my job requirements and the required work limitations. I can’t emphasize how much I appreciated this when returning to work in the corporate world after a lengthy absence.

Throughout my entire experience, Dr. Stewart and his staff were very accommodating to my family, and me taking care of all of my needs including to my recovery as well as my short-term disability claim. I would recommend Dr. Stewart and his team to anyone in need of Podiatric (Foot and/or Ankle) care. He will give you a realistic appraisal of your situation, the proper course of treatment, and a great result.

Thank you Dr. Stewart and your wonderful team."

Ray Cameron and Family

*Results may vary from person to person.

“Dr. Stewart, I just wanted to thank you. When I met you, I had a major issue that had been going on for weeks. A few other podiatrists had not been able to me help me. As soon as I was referred to you, I knew I had met someone who truly cared!

You quickly took control over my health issue and mentioned ideas and tests that no other doctor had ever mentioned. You immediately put my fears to rest and gave me a level of comfort I had not found anywhere else!

That was one of the scariest times in my life and I can never thank you enough for everything you did and continue to do to ensure my good health! And even more, you are one of a disappearing breed of doctors who truly cares about their patients as a whole, as a real PERSON! That is hard to find in this day and age and something that I had not found in any other doctor until I met you!

Thank you for your commitment, care and continued support! Everyone I know should be a patient of your practice!!!”

Pamela Flemke

*Results may vary from person to person.

“I injured my Achilles tendon while jogging and thought that it would heal itself with time. After 2 months of limping around, I finally decided to seek professional help.

I had seen the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center sign while driving past their facilities and decided to phone them for an appointment. I met Dr. Stewart and after he diagnosed me with Achilles Tendinitis, his first comment was, “why didn’t you come in here sooner”?. He immediately put me into an Orthopedic Boot to stabilize my tendon and give it time to heal.

I followed his recommendations wearing the boot all through my summer vacation at the beach and my work travels. Amazingly after about 6 weeks I was allowed to take the boot off and proceed with Physical Therapy.

It’s been about 10 weeks since I visited Dr. Stewart and I’m very pleased to say that my tendon has healed and I am back to normal. I was so pleased with the treatment I received at Timonium Foot and Ankle that I referred a friend of mine to see Dr. Stewart for her injury.

I recommend Dr. Stewart to anyone with a nagging foot or ankle problem. He knows how to fix the problem.”

Robert Purcell

*Results may vary from person to person.

“I hobbled into Dr. Stewart’s office feeling like I was walking on ground glass! Two weeks later I danced into my follow up visit!

My feet hurt and had hurt for years. I knew I had flat feet and plantar fasciitis, but nothing seemed to work. I’d see the podiatrist who would trim my corns, give me some medication then tell me not to walk barefoot and to get new orthotics. We repeated that cycle several times over the years and it wasn’t working. It was time for a change.

My visit to Dr. Stewart was life changing. I had seen Dr. Stewart’s TV ads for the toenail laser treatment and was not about to go to a TV doctor. But when my feet hurt too much to walk on the beach, I checked out his website. His credentials looked solid so I set up an appointment.

Dr. Stewart said, “Yes, you have flat feet and plantar fasciitis, but you also have acute tendinitis in both ankles. And we can fix that!” A cortisone shot, ankle splints for day and foot splints for night plus physical therapy and new orthotics and I am reborn! I am pain free! The ankle splints have been replaced by the comfortable new orthotics.

The future is bright, thanks to Dr. Stewart and his team. Thank you.”

Patricia Visser

*Results may vary from person to person.

“In April, I had a flareup of plantar fasciitis that kept me confined to bed for over a week and eventually led to two ingrown nails, probably from compensating for the heel pain by shifting weight forward. After three months of home remedies (note to all: a very bad idea), I finally began searching for a podiatrist.

After hitting the Internet and making some phone calls to various offices in the Baltimore area, I got a really good feeling about Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. The practice seemed like an excellent match. They see a lot of sports injury clients, and that is really important to me as I’m a very active person—and want to stay that way.

When I saw Dr. Stewart, he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendinitis, and ingrown toenails. Over a few visits, he treated my ingrown toenails and treated my plantar fasciitis and tendinitis with splints, exercises, and orthotics. Dr. Stewart and his staff treated three separate problems, all with a great result. I am active again and couldn't be happier. Thanks Dr. Stewart!”

Michael Bachman

*Results may vary from person to person.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Jordan Stewart since 2007. I have severe nerve damage in both my feet from Type II Diabetes. I also suffer with other foot and ankle problems from the disease and at one point almost lost part of my left foot.

Thankfully, Dr. Stewart was able to save my foot and prevent me from losing my leg. Dr. Stewart treats me as if I am his only patient. He has made sure I have the proper shoes, orthotics, and overall care. He doesn't just treat my problems; he guides me to prevent problems. He has referred me to other specialists, including a vascular doctor who treated me for blockages in my leg.

Dr. Stewart is very professional and caring and is thorough and explains things in a language that I understand. He puts everything on the table so that we can make the proper decisions for the treatment that need to take place. Dr. Stewart takes pride in his work making sure you understand any situation that may occur.

Dr. Stewart's office staff at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center is friendly and professional and always willing to help when you call the office. When you have an appointment you are always taken close to your appointment time you very rarely have to wait to be seen. He also keeps up with the latest technologies. I know I am in good hands under his care.”

Bonita Mays

*Results may vary from person to person.

“I suffer from peripheral neuropathy that causes my feet to be numb. In November 2009 I tripped while getting up from my table and I fractured my right 5th metatarsal bone. My primary care provider referred me to Dr. Stewart.

I did not want to have surgery and he 1st placed me in a walking boot for a month, however my bone was not healing and foot remained very swollen and I was unable to get it into a shoe. It was determined that surgery was necessary.

In December 2009, Dr. Stewart fixed my broken bone with plates and screws. After a few months my bone eventually healed and I haven't had any problems since. The swelling went down I am able to wear shoes without any problems.

I continue to see Dr. Stewart every few months for him to check out my high-risk feet. Over the years I have developed some injuries to my feet and I am fortunate to have Dr. Stewart manage my aches and pains. I have been so happy with Dr. Stewart that I have referred him a bunch of patients. I know that my feet are in good hands with Dr. Stewart.”

Martha Johnston

*Results may vary from person to person.

“For six years I have had drop foot to both of my feet. I have always worn a rigid brace for this condition. Although the brace helps with my drop foot, it causes a lot of pain on the outside of my feet and also causes blisters.

I saw Dr. Stewart for pain across the ball of my foot and I was successfully treated with a walking boot. We discussed my drop foot and the current treatment. After evaluating my drop foot, he recommended that I try a hinged ankle brace that he thought would improve my motion and decrease my pain.

I can truly say that the new-hinged brace has given me a better quality of life. I am able to exercise without pain and without getting blisters. The new braces are so lightweight that I don't even notice that they are on.

I am so happy that Dr. Stewart provided me with this alternative that I was otherwise unaware of.”

Cynthia Scheiner

*Results may vary from person to person.

“For many years I have lived with foot discomfort and embarrassment of ugly toenails. I had considered laser treatment, but I had my hesitations.

My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Stewart to evaluate my feet. I had many questions regarding laser treatment and Dr. Stewart answered all of my questions in a manner that was clear and understandable. He also provided me several alternative treatments and realistic expectations.

His office is very comfortable with "State of the Art" equipment in every room. I had never before seen an instant (digital) x-ray and I have to say it was very cool! I also like the fact that I can park directly in front of the office for free and I did not have to go on a long walk or take any elevators. This is especially nice for people like me with foot pain that is aggravated with walking.

I was so pleased with the results of my laser treatment that I subsequently had Dr. Stewart perform traditional surgery on my foot to remove a bone spur and a painful screw that I had from previous foot surgery. All went well and within several weeks I was walking pain free for the 1st time in years. It is with complete confidence that I have scheduled further surgery to straighten out my painful hammertoes for next month.

I am a fan of this charming young doctor and highly recommend him to everyone.”

Patrick Rooney

*Results may vary from person to person.

“At the age of 15, I suffered an injury to my left leg and as a result I developed a drop foot deformity. As a result of the deformity, I have always worn a rigid brace with no give or flexibility. This brace gave me pain and stiffness in my ankle.

Dr. Stewart saw me for a plantar wart and pain to the bottom of the right foot. During my comprehensive examination, Dr. Stewart took the time to evaluate my drop foot deformity and he recommended a more flexible brace as a result of my concerns with the stiffness and pain in my ankle.

Since I have started wearing my new-hinged brace, I feel normal and not like someone that has a deformity. I am a childcare provider and with my old, rigid brace the kids would always stare at me.

With my new brace I don't notice the kids staring at me anymore and the brace looks just like a part of my everyday outfit. I have regained flexibility in my ankle and my joint pain has dramatically decreased since starting with this new brace.

I can truly say that I feel better about myself. I never would've thought that going to Dr. Stewart for a wart and pain on my other foot would have turned out to help my drop foot so much. I am very happy that I have found Dr. Stewart.”

Lisa Milstead

*Results may vary from person to person.

“I am a very active person who is used to running and had to stop when my left foot began to hurt. For over one year my foot was swollen and tender.

I treated the condition with elevation, ice, and ibuprofen and nothing changed. I was sent for both x-rays and an MRI and neither test showed an injury. Puzzled as to what was going on, my primary care doctor referred me to the Timonium foot and ankle Center.

Dr. Stewart promptly diagnosed the cause of the swelling and discomfort and clearly explained the condition and charted out a treatment plan for me. Two months later my foot is back to normal and I am thrilled that I can finally get back to being an active person again.

Krista Herwig

*Results may vary from person to person.

"The importance of seeing my podiatrist...

I have learned a valuable lesson over the last year. I have had peripheral neuropathy since my mid-50s and surprisingly I don't even have diabetes. I have been seeing Dr. Stewart for several years for routine foot care to treat my toenails and calluses. I am now 84 years old and at the beginning of this year my left 3rd toe became very red and swollen on a Friday afternoon and I went to an urgent care facility as I was concerned with infection. I was started on antibiotics and instructed to see Dr. Stewart on Monday. I didn't even think to call Dr. Stewart on Friday because I didn't want to bother him over the weekend.

Well, by the time I walked into his office on Monday morning my 3rd toe was so red and swollen that Dr. Stewart immediately put me into the hospital and I ended having my toe amputated. I was surprised at how quickly the infection set in and how I never felt sick or had any pain as a result of my neuropathy. Thankfully I healed without any problems.

As a result of my experience, I learned the value of checking my feet routinely and seeing my podiatrist, Dr. Stewart on a regular basis.

More recently, the day before one of my routine checkups, I noticed a callus at the tip of my 2nd left toe. When I saw Dr. Stewart the next day, he removed the callus and informed me that I had a wound extending all the way down to my bone. Fortunately, he aggressively treated me by putting me in a special shoe to take pressure off of my toe and he started wound care on me. I carefully followed all of his directions and within three weeks my deep wound healed and my toe was saved.

I cannot stress how important it is for patients like me with peripheral neuropathy to see their foot doctor on a regular basis to prevent amputation. I am sure that if I did not see Dr. Stewart on a routine basis that I would probably have lost another toe or even my foot and leg."

Evelyn Bock

*Results may vary from person to person.

“I have worn orthotics my entire adult life. My previous orthotics, which were made by another doctor, were very rigid and uncomfortable. Without orthotics the arches of my feet and my knees hurt.

When I initially consulted with Dr. Stewart, I expressed my concerns and he reassured me that he would make sure my orthotics fit to my satisfaction. He informed me that he would modify the orthotics until they are right for me. This gave me great confidence that I would get the results I wanted.

The orthotics Dr. Stewart made for me have been great and I have been able to benefit from having no pain and not having to deal with an uncomfortable shoe insert. I have been so happy with my orthotics over the years that I am now on my 2nd pair. Thanks Dr. Stewart.”

Stephanie Bishop

*Results may vary from person to person.

“When go to see a doctor, I am comforted by a clean and organized office. As patient of Dr. Stewart's, I am so impressed with how the office at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center makes me feel comfortable.

The moment you walk in the door you are greeted by a friendly staff member. Dr. Stewart generally sees his appointments on time, which is a huge plus. The Timonium Foot and Ankle Center is the epitome of a clean and organized office. As a matter of fact, I don't feel as though I am in a doctor's office. The environment is warm and relaxing and puts me at ease.

When you meet Dr. Stewart, he makes you feel like family and he is wonderful with patients of all ages. Not only am I his patient, but my mother is a patient of his as well. He is not just interested in your feet, but rather your overall well-being. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Stewart and the Timonium Foot and ankle Center.”

Arlene Geare

*Results may vary from person to person.

“For 2 years I would hobble out of bed secondary to pain in the ball of both of my feet. I couldn't walk up and down steps as a result of my pain. I had to take a hot shower 1st thing in the morning just to relieve the pain and allow my joint pain to calm down. I couldn't walk barefoot at all and had to wear shoes just to avoid hobbling.

Two of my neighbors had seen Dr. Stewart at that the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center and recommended that he evaluate me. I had seen another doctor who was not aggressively treating my pain. Dr. Stewart looked at the whole picture and set up a successful treatment plan from day one.

Since seeing Dr. Stewart I am completely pain free and so happy to wake up 1st thing in the morning without hobbling out of bed. This is the 1st time in two years that I have been free of foot pain and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Dr. Stewart!”

Kristin Panousos

*Results may vary from person to person.

“I wish to take a moment to explain how much your treatment of the pain to the balls of my feet has restored my quality-of-life. Prior to seeing you, I would restrict the number of steps I took and consider the number of steps and type of footgear necessary before agreeing to go to an event. Today I am able to go places and accomplish more each day as a result of your treatment.

In 1992, I had a most unpleasant experience with another foot doctor for the pain to the ball of my feet and as a result I have lived with this painful foot condition for almost 20 years.

Thankfully, my primary care doctor referred me to you in July. Upon our initial treatment, the results were wonderful and I was 90% pain free and the subsequent treatments have restored my feet to normal.

Today I can go anywhere without worrying about having pain in my feet. In August, I spent a week exploring the Grand Canyons in Arizona. I can now be on my feet all day at work. I used to dread mowing the yard and I now look forward to this. This truly has been the single best medical event in the last 20 years of my life.

I can't thank you enough Dr. Stewart for all you have done. My everyday activities are performed pain free for the 1st time a very long time.”

Richard Niehaus

*Results may vary from person to person.

"My experience at Timonium Foot and Ankle Center could not have gone better. I came to Dr. Stewart with chronic pain in my left foot. I am a teacher and on my feet the majority of the day and I am also physically active outside of work.

My pain was limiting me. After my first consultation it was determined that I had arthritis in my big toe joint (hallux limitus). Dr. Stewart did a great job reviewing all of my options and giving me very realistic expectations with each option.

After a cortisone shot failed to relieve my pain, I elected to have surgery. Dr. Stewart walked me through the procedure and all went as expected and my pain completely resolved.

My follow up appointments were very thorough and my questions and concerns were handled promptly and professionally. I would recommend Dr. Stewart to anyone with foot and/or ankle issues."

David Ebert

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I first visited the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center in the summer of 2011. I made an appointment to see Dr. Stewart because of an ingrown toenail that I had been suffering with for over three years. Being a person heavily involved in athletics and physical activity the ingrown toenail caused an incredible amount of pain. The pain was to the point where it was effecting, even limiting, some of my normal activities.

After describing to Dr. Stewart how much pain I was in, he clearly and thoroughly explained the anatomical reasons for ingrown toenails, as well as what he could do to help. Dr. Stewart and I decided that it was best to treat my ingrown toenail in a way that it would not grow back to cause any more pain. He was able to do the procedure right in his office during that same appointment. Dr. Stewart was completely straightforward with what to expect during the procedure, which as a patient was very comforting. If I had known that it was such a simple solution, I would have had it done a lot sooner. The procedure provided me with instant relief. The pain that had been a burden on me for the past three years was finally gone. The recovery from the procedure was quick and easy.

I have since been back to see Dr. Stewart for another ingrown toenail procedure on the opposite foot, as well as to get custom orthotic inserts. I can finally say that I am completely pain free and that my activity level has gone back to normal.

I would recommend the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center and Dr. Stewart to anyone. Dr. Stewart himself is one of the few doctors I have met that is professional, yet personable and friendly at the same time. He listens to what you have to say and is willing to explore your many options. His office is completely up to date with the latest technologies. I have never been to another office that sends your prescriptions straight to your pharmacy of choice. His staff is warm, welcoming, and organized. They are always ready for your arrival and they always see you at your appointment time. Thank you Dr. Stewart and the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center staff for all your help and support."

Meredith Tracey

*Results may vary from person to person.

"My daughter was suffering from a painful ingrown right big toenail for 2-3 weeks. We treated it at home by soaking the toe in salt water, but it did not get better. She is a very active 13 year-old as she plays lots of sports. The pain was limiting her ability to play and she was even having pain with shoes during the day.

Dr. Stewart had successfully treated her for a similar condition on the left foot several years ago. We gave Dr. Stewart a call for the condition and he was able to get us right in for an appointment. Although my daughter was understandably scared to have the ingrown nail removed, she was ultimately very happy when the procedure was over as she had immediate pain relief. In fact, she was back to playing sports pain free within one week.

The entire process was very easy as Dr. Stewart provided us with detailed instructions as well as a wound kit to treat the condition at home. It was so nice to see my daughter smiling from ear to ear at her follow-up, as she was pain free. Both my daughter and I were very happy with our treatment and would no hesitate to recommend the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center and Dr. Stewart."

Debbie Custer (Rebecca Custer's Mom)

*Results may vary from person to person.

"Dr. Stewart has provided very reliable and consistent care to me over the past several years that I’ve seen him. Over the years, he has treated me for gout, posterior tibial tendinitis and an ingrown toenail.

His treatment has always been professional, fact based, thorough and timely. In fact, I’ve personally referred Dr. Stewart to several other people for treatment. I’m always impressed that Dr. Stewart is well prepared and very rarely do I have to wait for my appointment.

Recently, my family & I moved to North Carolina; when I needed a second opinion on a diagnosis a podiatrist gave near my new home I visited Dr. Stewart while in Baltimore for business. I feel his examinations and method of care are very patient focused and his overall goal is to treat the patient in the best way possible. I highly recommend Dr. Stewart as a podiatrist."

John McClelland

*Results may vary from person to person.

"As a nurse and trained triathlete, I have experienced my fair share of foot aches and pains. Last month, the pain on the bottom of my right foot became too difficult to bear and it was interfering with my work as well as the training I had ahead of me.

I visited Dr Stewart last month and he was quick to diagnose all of my problems including plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and tendinitis. He provided me with a comprehensive treatment plan that included an ankle brace to wear in my shoes during the day, a splint to wear at night, and a steroid injection to relieve my intense pain. He also encouraged me to wear the proper supportive shoes as often as possible.

I followed all of his recommendations and I am happy to say that my issues quickly resolved. Dr Stewart, along with his competent staff, fitted me with orthotics to reduce the chance my conditions from returning.

I have been pain free and Dr Stewart has cleared me to resume my training.

My husband Jeff, who is a runner, was so impressed with my progress that he is now being treated by Dr. Stewart for a similar problem. I will happily refer all my nurse friends and fellow athletes to the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center."

Melissa Scholnick, RN

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I am a runner. I completed 2 half marathons within a month earlier this year. About 2 weeks after the last half marathon my right foot was really bothering me. I was training aggressively and stopped when my right foot hurt.

I made an appointment with Dr. Stewart at Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. I presented with Plantar Fasciitis, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and Posterior Tibial Tendinitis. My treatments included cortisone injections, ankle braces, custom orthotics, and a night splint. In the beginning I was restricted to non-weight bearing exercise. As a runner, this was frustrating because I wanted to run, yet it did help me develop a cross-training plan.

I am very happy with the care I received from Dr. Stewart. He explained everything and listened to me. He truly cares about his patients.

Thanks for this opportunity and all you did for me."

Christina Harris

*Results may vary from person to person.

“For three years I suffered from extreme pain in both feet due to Plantar Fasciitis, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and Posterior Tibial Tendinitis. After a year of trying over the counter orthotics with no success, I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stewart.

For two years Dr. Stewart provided extensive conservative care to help relieve the pain. He understood that surgery was my last option so he treated me with steroid shots, braces, splints, exercises, stretches, physical therapy, orthotics and nerve ablation. Although those treatments helped to reduce the pain, I unfortunately was one of the few that required surgery.

In October 2011 Dr. Stewart performed surgery on my right foot. After the success I had with the first surgery, I decided to go ahead and have surgery on my left foot in March 2012.

Two months out of my second surgery I am happy to say that I am completely pain free in my right foot and 98% pain free in my left, as I am still in the process of recovering.

I have been able to go back to my regular work outs without having throbbing pain for hours or sometimes days afterward. I was so excited a few days ago when I was able to walk 3 miles without any pain.

I am very pleased with the treatment Dr. Stewart has provided. From my very first visit until now, Dr. Stewart and his staff have treated me with honesty and respect. Dr. Stewart makes sure to spend quality time with each patient.

I have always been viewed as a person and not just another patient. When he is in the room with me, I never feel like he is rushing me or cutting my appointment short so he can move on to his next patient.

Even with the quality time he spends with each patient, he still manages to see his patients in a timely manner. I have never had to wait an extensive amount of time before being seen.

Dr. Stewart, I thank you for the wonderful work you have done and continue to do. I will highly recommend you to anybody I know that is suffering from any kind of foot or ankle problems.“

Susan Calvert

*Results may vary from person to person.

My name is Dawn & I started seeing Dr. Stewart in April 2012 due to severe right lower leg, ankle, & foot pain.

In November 2011, I was hospitalized due to severe blood clots in my pelvis & both legs. I also had bleeding in my brain & spine that led to a small stroke.

My recovery was focused on a lot of specialties, but the one area nobody, except Dr. Stewart, cared about was my severe extremity pain.

I was finally out of bed & the wheelchair, but still had very limited ability to walk without the use of a walker, cane, help from family, & severe pain. I described my pain as “electric shocks” in my ankle bone & “ripping” pain in the arch of my foot. My toes are numb. The pain would extend into the middle part of my leg. I had very limited range of motion.

I had made progress in physical therapy, but was extremely limited due to the pain. Dr. Stewart listened to my history, examined my foot, ankle, & leg, & did a sonogram. He then came up with a treatment plan that included several steroid injections, splints to wear at night on my feet & an ankle brace to wear during the day. He advised several additional exercises to my physical therapy.

Since this treatment plan was initiated, I have had some of my first 90% pain free days since I got sick in November. I will never be 100% perfect again due to multiple medical reasons, but this is wonderful. I’ve made great progress in physical therapy and will be discharged after 7 months!!!

I can now walk without a walker or cane and now only just use a custom brace!! I can even do steps & curbs now. All my other Doctors assumed this was a result of the clots or stroke that I would have to cope with, but Dr. Stewart was willing to take a look at my case & try to help me.

I’m forever grateful he tried to help me & that it was moderately successful. I’m very thankful & recommend him to anyone & everyone who has any foot or ankle problems.

Updated Report Fall 2014:

"When I first came to Dr. Stewart in April 2012 I could barely walk one block without severe and limiting foot and ankle pain. I have continued to see Dr. Stewart over the past few years and I am so excited to report that this weekend I will be participating and completing my 4th 5K (3.1 miles) walk.

I am so grateful for the care that Dr. Stewart has provided"

Dawn Macreadie, CRNP (Certified Registered Nurse Practicioner)

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I want to thank Dr Stewart and the wonderful staff at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center.

I first visited Dr. Stewart in late March 2012 when I was experiencing tremendous heel pain in both feet. I have been a hair stylist for over thirty years and I was afraid that I was going to have to change careers and find a job that allowed me to stay off my feet all day. I had foot and heel pain constantly at work as well on my days off.

Dr. Stewart patiently listened to me as I explained how I was suffering and soon had his staff running tests and taking xrays in his office. He was quickly able to get back to me with a diagnosis, an explanation, and a treatment plan to help me.

Dr Stewart explained that I had the following conditions which can be very painful and uncomfortable: plantar fasciitis, nerve impingement in the tarsal tunnel, and posterior tibial tendinitis.

Each visit brought me increasing relief from pain and improvement in my conditions. I am happy to say that I am currently working and living pain free.

It was so nice to be treated by Dr. Stewart and his whole office staff in a prompt, friendly, efficient and professional manner.

Thank you all so much for making me feel so much better!"


Mary Wright

*Results may vary from person to person.

"Dr. Stewart,

I am writing this letter to thank you for being such a great foot doctor. I came to you about a year ago for a second opinion evaluation for pain to my 2nd toe and 2nd metatarsal phalangeal joint.

I had already been through two surgeries on my right foot by another doctor. The first surgery was done to fix a hammer toe and a tendon issue. After this surgery my toe was not only sticking up in the air, but it was also sending shooting pain into my foot.

Another surgery, which was called a Z-plasty, was recommended and performed to correct my elevated toe and after this procedure I had shooting pains up into my leg. I was told by my doctor that I needed to have a third surgery on my right foot to stop shooting pains that were going up my leg and at that time I felt that I needed to get another opinion.

I was referred to you by my primary care provider, Jenepher Piper, CRNP. After your initial evaluation, you didn’t want to do a third surgery immediately and you suggested that we try a few some conservative options including steroid injections first.

Unfortunately the injections only provided temporary relief and so we both agreed that since my pain was 8 out of 10 that surgery should be pursued.

You operated in September 2013 and here we are five months after my surgery, I no longer have shooting pains in my foot or leg and my toe no longer sticks up in the air. You did a great job and I’m very happy that Jennifer recommended you.

You and your staff have been wonderful throughout this process and I would highly recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks again for all you did for me.

I greatly appreciate it!"

Linda Hunt

*Results may vary from person to person.

"It is my honor and privilege to write a review of my recent experience with Dr. Jordan Stewart. I have known Jordan since he was a child, but this was my first encounter with him on a professional/medical level and I can’t rave enough about his knowledge, professionalism, warmth, and bedside manner. From beginning to end, he ensured that I was comfortable every step of the way. At our initial consultation, Dr. Stewart identified the source of my foot pain and explained that I have hallux limitus or arthritis of my big toe joint.

Jordan explained all of my possible options to overcome my pain and was thorough, detailed and addressed all of my questions and concerns. When we determined that surgery was the most logical solution to relieve my pain, he explained in detail what he would be doing, why he was doing it, and the results I should expect after the surgery. Managing my expectations was extremely important to him. In order to fix my foot, Dr. Stewart had to cut my bone and fix it with a screw. He also released a tight muscle in my calf. On the day of surgery, he was very calming and again, made sure I knew what to expect during and after the surgery. He went over everything with my husband and I to make sure I had the best possible recovery experience. He followed up with me the evening of my surgery to see how I was feeling and again to address any of my questions or concerns.

I’m happy to report that my foot and calf have healed extremely well and I am now walking around “pain-free” for the first time in a long time! I give Dr. Stewart my highest endorsement and would recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled and knowledgeable Podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon!"

Melissa Cohen

*Results may vary from person to person.

My husband and I always went to the podiatrist together. He would drop me off at the door (I can’t walk long distances) and he would go park the car and meet me in the office. The office was always uncomfortable for me because the seats (as in most doctors offices were small and tight- something that is not true at Timonium Foot and Ankle Center). Being diabetics and overweight it was important for us to have our feet checked regularly. Then in October, my husband died suddenly of a heart attack. I was forced into trying to find a new podiatrist because there was no way of walking from the parking lot into the office.

So one day as I was driving around I saw this sign saying “Timonium Foot and Ankle Center” and oh my gosh…no steps, convenient parking, and they took new patients. You can even do everything online…so I made an appointment with Dr. Jordan Stewart.

Now, Dr. Stewart is a no nonsense type of doc…he doesn’t mince words, he doesn’t pretend he can handle everything, but what he does do is display an enormous amount of knowledge in his field. He is aggressive, he is state-of-the art in every detail from his office equipment to his capacity to go right to the computer and prescribe prescriptions, look at your history…I mean it is astounding how smoothly the center runs.

So my first examination was about to begin. He began by looking at my feet. I was comfortable with that. He said I needed to have my nails trimmed (I knew that, that was why I made the appointment), but then he said every toenail had a fungus and offered several ways of treating them. The next thing he said to me was to pull up my pants legs. I told him I wasn’t here for my legs, just my feet. He then told me he needed to see the legs….which were a mess and why I didn’t want him to see them. They had blisters that leaked, they were reddish in color, and as always they were swollen/ like doubled in size.

Dr. Stewart told me he would cut my nails, but he insisted that I make an appointment with the Lymphedema Center at GBMC. He said they would have to work on my legs and that he wasn’t sure if they were even treatable, it was very serious and I needed to do it right away. I was shocked, and scared…I wanted my husband and my other doctor that never looked at my legs back! He gave me my first laser treatment for the fungus and I promised I would call GBMC.

I went to the GBMC Center…spent a long time in treatment, but the next time I saw Dr. Stewart, my feet and legs were half their original size. I truly believe that Dr. Stewart’s quick response to my leg condition has made it possible to keep both legs. I will never forget that. As I said earlier, he knows what he is doing.

I have finished my laser treatment and my toenails are looking like a normal person’s toenails, no longer thick, yellowish, and brittle.

I promise you if you are looking for an expert in his field, a doctor that truly cares, and a doctor that knows how to run a business then you need to contact Dr. Jordan Stewart – he is top of the line.

Susan McLean

*Results may vary from person to person.

I went to go to see Dr. Stewart for pain I was having in the bottom of my feet from plantar fasciitis. I am a very active person. I run daily, bike, and play soccer 3 or 4 times a week. I tend to over do it and eventually my body has these problems. After about a year of just dealing with the pain I decided the pain it was too much and decided to get some medical help.

I went to see Dr. Stewart, he was pleasant, understanding and knew right away my problem and what to do to fix me.
He had my feet fitted custom orthotics, put me in a physical therapy program and gave me a pair of night splints to sleep in. I did the therapy for about 4 or 5 weeks and I was not feeling any pain in my right foot anymore. My left foot was still not 100%, but much improved.

At about that time I went back to see him to pick up my new orthotics and to see if I could start running again. I got the orthotics and he told me if I was still feeling pain, that I should get a cortisone shot in my foot as that usually helps get you over the hump and back to feeling normal.

I wore my orthotics for about a month and they were amazing. My feet were much better and running felt great, but, my left foot was still giving me pain sometimes in the mornings and after soccer. I went back to see Dr. Stewart to try the cortisone shot. I did not like the idea of a shot in the bottom of my foot. He said it was not very painful. He gave me the shot and i barely felt it. Since that time I have not looked back. My foot feels great, I just wear my orthotics daily and put the night splints on when I feel a bit of pain and then I am good.

Thanks for all your great help Dr. Stewart and keeping me able to run and play soccer.

Justin Hebbel

*Results may vary from person to person.

With plantar fasciitis being a prominent injury in both runners and soldiers, and as I fall into both of the aforementioned groups, it is no surprise that I found myself recently, hobbling into Dr. Stewart's office.

I first felt the heel pain in June 2012, after a long run while in Ft. Knox. Unknowingly, I blew it off for about a month, thinking it was a "normal" runners pain, but it slowly progressed to the point where it stopped me from running completely.

In July 2012, Dr. Stewart diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and tarsel tunnel syndrome and discussed my options. We started off with a cortisone shots, various splints, orthotics, and physical therapy. Unfortunately, the shots wore off after a couple of weeks.

My other options were surgery (which i didn't want to do), high energy shockwave therapy (which my insurance wouldn't cover), or nerve ablation.

I wanted to get back to running as soon as possible as I am a member of my military branch's national marathon team. I chose to proceed with the nerve ablation procedure. It took about 4 weeks to heal. I continued physical therapy and made some changes to both my running shoes as well as my combat boots and as of mid-October 2012 I am back on my feet and running with my team.

I was a little slow at first, but we still managed to win our division at the 2012 Army 10 miler on October 21st. I will continue with physical therapy until I have full range of motion back and I will slowly increase my mileage.

Thanks to Dr. Stewart and his staff I am well on my way to my normal routine.

Rachel Walter

*Results may vary from person to person.

"In the spring of 2012, I went on vacation to both Disney World and the Grand Canyons and after these trips I had severe pain and difficulty walking in my right foot and ankle. Prior to my injury, I was playing tennis 3 days per week, yet after developing my condition I was unable to play tennis.

I decided to seek treatment at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center under the care of Dr. Stewart. Dr. Stewart diagnosed me with a painful flatfoot and posterior tibial tendinitis.

My experience with my treatment at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center has been very rewarding. I was referred to physical therapy and provided steroid injections and bracing and Dr. Stewart emphasized of my compliance. He even got me to stop wearing worn down shoes, which I didn't realize was contributing to my problem.

I listened to all of his recommendations and Dr. Stewart has successfully got me back on the tennis court and I have been able to return to my volunteer position at the Maryland Zoo as a docent. He fitted for a custom brace that supports my ankle and allows me to be as active as I want.

I am especially appreciative of the conservative approach he has taken in restoring my foot to full function and happy that I was able to avoid surgery. I continue to do my exercises on a routine basis.

Thank you for your care Dr. Stewart"

Ralph Fields

*Results may vary from person to person.

"I started seeing Dr. Stewart at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center in November 2012 for chronic foot pain in my right foot and ankle. Prior to seeing Dr. Stewart, I was unable to walk longer than 10 minutes at a time without experiencing severe pain in my foot. I like to play golf and softball had difficulty playing as a result of my pain. I also have 2 young boys that keep me active and I love playing with them, but my foot pain was limiting me.

At my first visit, Dr. Stewart diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and posterior tibial tendinitis. He suggested a conservative treatment plan and we tried everything including stretching, orthotics, bracing and splinting, ice, supportive shoes, steroid injections and nerve ablation. I definitely saw improvement with conservative treatment, but unfortunately the pain relief did not last long and the pain kept returning. The pain eventually progressed to the point where wearing shoes was so painful and this limited my ability to get around with simple everyday activities.

Dr. Stewart had told me that only a small percentage of patients end up needing surgery for these conditions and it turns out that I fell into this small group. I wanted to try to avoid surgery, but after of year of dealing with the pain I decided to do the surgery. In the surgery, Dr. Stewart cut my plantar fascia, released my tarsal tunnel, and drained my posterior tibial tendon.

I am happy to say that 8 weeks after the surgery, I am completely pain free. Dr. Stewart told me exactly what to do and I followed his directions and now I feel amazing. Since my surgery I have been able to walk an unlimited amount with absolutely no pain.

I highly recommend Dr. Stewart and the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center.

Thank you Dr. Stewart."

Scott Landsman

*Results may vary from person to person.

"Dr. Stewart's gif to us:

Several years ago my wife saw Dr. Stewart for pain in both of her feet. She could hardly walk without wincing in pain. Dr. Stewart examined her and diagnosed her with arthritis and determined that she surgery to get her feet with less pain. The operation on her left foot involved an implant, cutting and lengthening a tendon, and realigning her metatarsal by cutting it and fixing it with a screw. The right foot was less involved and only required an implant. After months of being confined to her boot and a knee roller to get around, she is finally pain free and very happy.

My wife and I cannot say enough about Dr. Jordan Stewart. He not only is a skilled physician, but he is a caring and compassionate human being. The health of his patients is paramount. He listens to his patients' complaints, diagnoses their problems, confirms them, and goes into great detail to ensure the patient understands completely what is happening to them and exactly how he can bring them relief and instill peace of mind.

Take Dr. Stewart and add a great staff and you get a "second family" feeling at the office. Trust in your doctor is crucial and there is no doubt that Dr. Stewart has more than earned ours.

My first interaction with Dr. Stewart involved an ingrown toenail, which he quickly remedied. My second interaction and most recent involved being injured on the job with a ruptured plantar fascia. I incurred the rupture on the job and was placed on FMLA and Workman's Comp. I was examined and told of my condition and was taken out of work and placed in a boot to wear during the day and provided with splint to sleep with at night. After five weeks I was weaning myself off the boot and back into sneakers. Today I am out of the boot and wearing shoes with special orthotics that Dr. Stewart custom designed for long term treatment of my plantar fascia injury. I now feel much better and feel secure in the fact that, with the orthotics, I can go about my life and work with much more confidence in staying healthy.

A more professional, understanding, and compassionate doctor is difficult to find in the Timonium area. My wife and I have never regretted finding Dr. Stewart.

Thank you Dr. Stewart!"

William and Deidre Archibald

*Results may vary from person to person.


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